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The Rise & Fall of Human Doge Mountain (2013)


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Rabbit McDaniel


I've been doing the RPM Challenge since it's second year, when I was 13 years old. I almost didn't even begin an album this year, until my step-brother Eitan Samuel Stern-Robbins passed away of epilepsy. In his honor, I made it through nine songs in three days, although I will admit there are several tracks I didn't listen to all the way through before mailing my album away. It's terribly rough, recording-quality wise, but it was all recorded using acoustic instruments I borrowed on a Tascam DR07mkII, without any effects added after recording. The interface on this portacorder that you may overdub tracks, but you lose control of volume of each previous track as you record, so often I would get a few instruments in and realize the vocals had gotten too quiet, so I would record those over the top. I will also be creating an "RPM" album for every month of the year this year, and you can follow my progress with that on my RPM blog page. Thanks so much for listening!

Just Zane Michael Rabbit McDaniel and nobody. Meag Cahill did bunny art, though!


Indie Rock


Completed Albums

The Rise & Fall of Human Doge Mountain(2013)

The Unscroogening   Download
The Places Youll Go (Without Me)   Download
One-Up Mona Lisa   Download
Pygmalions   (preferred)   Download
Mt. Human Doge   Download
Part-Eskimo   Download
Wait   Download
Tomorrow, No Problem   Download
Forgotten How To Fall In Love   Download